Puppy Purchase Agreement 

Bill of Sale and Guarantee 

One _____________________ Puppy;  Sex: _____  Color/Mrkgs.: _______________  Whelped: ____/____/____ 
Sire: ________________________________________  

Dam: _________________________________________ 

Date of Sale: _____________________________ , 20_____ 

To:_________________________________________________________ (Buyer) 

Address:____________________________________________________   Telephone: ____________________________ 

E-mail: _______________________________ 

For: $__________,     Minus deposit paid: _____________, Total amount due by pick up: $___________ 

The Puppy described above has been carefully raised under sanitary conditions within our home. Our dogs 
and babies are under regular veterinary care. To the best of my knowledge, this Puppy is in excellent health 
and is guaranteed free from communicable disease and parasites. Said Puppy is of sound temperament,
 and is further guaranteed (under favorable conditions) against behavior atypical to the breed. 

All puppies are veterinarian-checked, de-wormed and vaccinated.  The Buyer has been provided with a copy 
of said Puppies medical history (including present status of immunity vaccinations and de-worming) and is 
hereby urged to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within three (3) days from date when 
Buyer assumes custody of Puppy. 

In the event that, upon examination, said veterinarian finds the puppy to be sufficiently medically unsound as to 
warrant return, the Buyer shall immediately notify the Seller. The Puppy shall be returned at the expense of the 
Buyer to the Seller, accompanied by a hand-written and signed statement by said veterinarian of all findings. 
In which case, said Puppy shall be replaced with another puppy of equal value if one is available. 

Any future claims made against this establishment, based upon subsequent developments of pathological nature 
which can be traced to genetic abnormality, shall be evaluated based upon the dogs resulting physical incapacity
 to continue to serve the purpose for which it was purchased (e.g., family pet). 
Other than the terms stated above, Seller guarantees 1 yr on genetics. This is anything life threatening.
2 years, with proof of NuVet Vitamin Purchases. Does not need to be mailed or signed, This is said
Breeders agreement. Print and fill out for your records, for future reference. To be returned only if your
Puppy dies from a genetic condition, with Vets statement, on Letterhead to me for refund.
Seller guarantees 1 yr on genetics. This is anything life threatening. Optional 2 years with proof of NuVet.
When you purchase a puppy you are agreeing to this contract. 

BUYER: _____________________________________________________ 

SELLER: ____________________________________________________ 

BREEDER Information: 

Morkie World
Mileen Coulter
Silver Creek, Ms
(601) 886-7381 Home
Morkie Breeder, with Morkies puppies for sale,
Also called Yorktese puppies, Yorkie mixed breeds
 Designer Dogs and Designer Puppies for sale.


We have exceptional beautiful and tiny MORKIES. Maltese and Yorkies are hypoallergenic. Maltese do not shed. 
Poodles don't shed, and Yorkies do not shed. We have extra nice teddy bear faces on our dogs. Even our adults have 
that puppy look. Not all Morkies are the same. Our Maltese and Yorkshire terrier parents are small, have compact
 bodies and very cute baby doll faces. Compare the look of our adults and puppies with others and you will see that our 
size and beauty stands out in a crowd.  We plan 2 litters of MORKIES this year and 4-5 litters of MALTIPOOS . 
We do not have puppies available at all times, but quality is more important then quantity. We do not mass produce,
 so we do not have cheap prices. If you want one of our puppies I advise you get on our waiting list for first pick . 
We will take up to 4 people for the waiting list. 
Morkie puppies for sale, Teacup Morkies of exceptional beauty. Morkie puppies with compact bodies, short noses. Akc registered Yorkshire Terriers and Maltipoo puppies. Our families who have bought our Morkies and Maltipoos are on the Morkie Family page. Experienced Morkie and Maltapoo breeder of the most exceptional Morkies and Maltipoos.
Teacup Morkie Puppies come from Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier parents. I am a Morkie breeder of Morkies and 
Maltepoo puppies. At this time we are unable to Fly our Puppies, Delta doesn't provide air-conditioned Vans to transfer
 Morkie or Maltipoo puppies from one point to another. Your welcome to come to my home or pick a puppy from a picture. 
We update pictures every 2 weeks. We can meet with 1 hr driving time unless you want to come to my home.
We are Morkie breeder of quality Morkie puppies, feeding Morkie puppies, grooming Morkie puppies, 
Caring for Morkies and Maltepoos. Morkie puppy, 
Yorktese puppy breeders, Morkie dog breeders at Morkie World.

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