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$950/m, 3 lb-4lbs
Golden Teacup Morkies.
$1050, m/ $1200. fe.
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Here at  "Morkie World,"  We show how a Morkie can change colors like a Yorkie!!
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Our Yorkie Stud is from Velvet Touch TeaCup Yorkies
Kingsley Weighs 3.5 lbs
We can offer these Morkie puppies between 3.5 lbs-6 lbs Grown.
His Son, Our little Teddy Bear Yorkie Sire  Nemo weighs 4.5 lbs
Maltese Mother is 5 lbs. Both parents are "Top Quality"
Purebred registered Dogs, with only F1 Breedings
No multi-generation Mixed breed puppies here!!
Hi Mileen,

Here is a picture of Margo.  She weighs about 4 1/2 lbs.  She is such a sweet heart.  She was very easy to house train.  She rings a bell on my front door when she has to go outside, and really rings it hard when she wants to go for a walk.  Everyone stops us to ask what type of dog she is and she loves the attention they give her.  We have taken her to Myrtle Beach quite a few times, does very well for the car ride.  She also has taken a trip to Pittsburgh for my daughter's wedding this past September.  The girls that watched her for the wedding want to know when she is coming back to visit.  I have to admit I spoil her terribly and enjoy every minute of it.  She loves to catch her ball and play with her squeaky toys!  She is wonderful company for me when my husband is working out of town.
I did see your new web site, it is very nicely done.
Thanks again,
Thanks for looking at Margo when she was a puppy and Margo as an Adult Morkie.
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Morkie breeder with Yorkie Mixed breed puppies.  Our Morkie puppies are Home Raised babies.
Our Maltese parents are fed all natural food. Yorkie mix Designer puppies are Non shedding, and
Non allergenic.  The yorkie mix Designer puppies  are more resistant to genetic health problems than  purebreed dogs. Just ask your vet. Our Morkies come with health records UTD 2 sets of shots,
wormed 5 times, and vet checked, with a written health guarantee. We will have Toy.
Tiny Toy and Teacup Morkie puppies for sale. Email me to be put on the waiting list.

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Morkie breeder located in South Central Mississippi
Mileen Coulter
Silver Creek, Ms
601-886-7381/ Cell, 601-954-9124
Email us at
With Morkie Puppy for sale in the title of the email.
designer dog breeders with
Morkie puppies, Morkie puppies for sale
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NuVet Vitamins
Our Morkie puppy customers drive to pick up there
Morkie puppies for sale at my home from all over the southern states
Brookhaven, Mississippi, MS. Canton,  Brandon,  Jackson,  Kosciusko, MS,  McComb,  Vicksburg  Meridian, 
Waynesboro, Waveland, Memphis, Nashville,Tennessee, TN

New Orleans, Louisiana, LA. Baton Rouge,  Covington, Hammond,  Mandeville, Lake St Charles,
Metairie,  Mobile, Alabama,  AL. Montgomery,  Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Alabama,
Pensacola, Florida,  Atlanta, Georiga, GA. and surrounding areas
Morkie puppies for sale can be shipped to International air ports in;

Florida FL., Sarasota, Ft Lauderdale, Ft Myers, FL., Hollywood, Sarasota, Hollywood, Tallahassee, Ft Walton Beach, Florida
Phoenix, Arizona AZ., Arkansas AR., Los Angeles, San Francisco, California CA., Denver, Colorado CO., New Milford, CT., Boise, Idaho ID., Chicago, Illinois IL., Evansville, Indiana IN.,  Sioux City, Iowa IA., Topeka,  Kansas, KS., Louisville, Kentucky KY., Portland,  Maine ME.,  Baltimore, Maryland MD., Boston, Massachusetts MA.,  Detroit Michigan MI., Minneapolis, Minnesota MN., Kansas City, Missouri MO.,
Billings, Montana, MT., Lincoln, Nebraska, NE., Reno, Nevada NV., New Hampshire NH. Newark,  New Jersey, NJ., 
New Mexico, NM.,  NYC, New York, NY., Raleigh, North Carolina NC., Grand Fork, North Dakota ND.,
Cleveland, Ohio OH., Tulsa, Oklahoma OK., Portland, Oregon OR., Pittsburgh, Pennsylavania, PA., Rhode Island, RI.,
Charleston, Greenville, South Carolina, SC.,  Dallas, Houston, Texas, TX., Salt Lake City, Utah UT., Vermont, VT., Atlanta, GA.
Richmond, Alexandria, Chantilly, Richmond, Virginia, VA., Virginia,  West Virginia, Morkie puppies in Seattle,Tacoma,
Olympia, Washington, WA., Baltimore, Washington DC, Wyoming, WY., Madison, Wisconsin, WI., West Virginia, WV.,

Morkie puppies for sale from Morkie breeders with Cute Morkie puppy pictures and videos of Morkies for sale at Morkie World.

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Morkie Puppies
Morkie Puppies
Morkie puppies
Morkie puppies for sale from Morkie breeders with Cute Morkie puppy pictures and videos of Morkies for sale at Morkie World.

Teacup Morkie puppy
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Sadie is one of my favorite Morkie puppies. Her face was turning gold when she went to Delaware. I told her Mommy she would turn to Gold. Sadie is a very Pretty Morkie Puppy.
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Blue Morkie puppy Sold to
Darlene of Dallas, Texas
Morkie puppies
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Margo Grown
Morkie puppies for sale
Morkie puppies pictures
Sold to Haley in Ponchtoula, LA
This is what a grown Blonde Morkie looks like. 
Morkie puppy pictures