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It is the concerned breeder that will be able to help prevent hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia can be prevented
I usually use corn syrup in their water. This will prevent low blood sugar. 
Some people use sugar cubes in the water dish.
More is known now about how to prevent Hypoglycemia. 
I usually use a high protein food such as Eukanuba small breed puppy. 
There is a New Teacup Toy breed puppy food called Bil Jac. 
This food comes in moist or kibble form. It's  great for Teacup breeds, because it has cane syrup, or what is sometimes called Molasses.
You should also have some a tube of Neutrical or other vitamin supplement on hand.

Be sure to put your puppies dish in the same spot and leave it down for 3-5 days 
after you get it home. The new change of surroundings may change your babies
eating habits. Your new puppy should eat at least 3 times a day. 
There are special foods you may feed your new puppy 
if you notice that he isn't eating like you think he ought to eat: 
Hypoglycemia can be prevented.
Puppies usually love to eat the following things: 
Cottage cheese, Brookshire ice cream,
 small pieces of cheese for treats, helps to store fat. 
Don't feed treats. This is a complete change of diet. 

Unless your vet is accustomed to treating small animals he may spend much valuable time 
testing before treating your tiny little baby. 
It's very important that you bring the blood sugar level up as fast as possible. 
There has been times I would give some of the Neutrical and my little baby would seem ok
by the time I got to the vet.  Dehydration can cause hypoglycemia. 
It would help to give pedialite with a syringe 10cc 4 times a day, along with neutrical.

This usually happens in a young puppy, or a  tiny toy dog, this condition is usually hypoglycemia, brought on by stress or shock in some form.
 Also, it usually occurs in puppies from 4 to 5 months of age but CAN occur in mature toy breeds when they are subjected to STRESS. 

The stress usually causing this condition is: 
1-Over-handling young puppies and not letting them get enough rest and sleep. 
    2-A puppy refuses to eat for over a period of 8 hours due to change of home and/or       food. 
3-Exposure to low room temperatures for a period of time or sleeping in drafts. 
This is why I recommend the playpen care. It helps your little baby be accustomed      to the way it was treated at my home

The puppy will appear limp and lifeless with the gums and tongue usually grayish blue in color. Often the eyes are unfocused and barely open. They may appear to be slightly sunken in. Temperature will be subnormal and the puppy will be shivering and trembling in the early stages. As condition worsens, the puppy either goes into a coma or convulsions. 

Hypoglycemia is a metabolic disorder and death will result, unless properly DIAGNOSED AND CARED FOR IMMEDIATELY, if the case is severe. 
The level of the blood sugar must be raised at once and the stress condition treated. My Vet recommends an injection of 5-10 cc of a five percent solution of dextrose with added B-12. He gives this subcutaneously as it provides a longer lasting action and, also, it is almost impossible to locate a vein in a tiny puppy. With this dextrose or glucose, my Vet also gives an injection for shock and stress. He says that many Vets use a form of cortosteroid for this stress factor. It is produced under many trade names but your Vet will be sure to have it on hand. When these injections are given in time, the puppy many regain consciousness promptly. 
1.Give the puppy two tablespoons of Karo Syrup and/or Nutrical.
2.Ten minutes later give 12 cc of baby food
3.Twenty minutes later give again 12 cc of baby food
4.Try to have the puppy drink some water of Pedialyte
5.Call us immediately to keep us posted
6.Continue to feed every 4 hours (also during the night) 24 cc of baby food and Nutrical.

 Mix corn Syrup, honey, or sugar with equal amounts of water and feed with syringe 10 cc four times a day. 

When Hypoglycemia is caught in time, there is no reason why a puppy won't come out of it and never have again if the stress factor is eliminated. Even if this never occurs to your puppy, or adult, it is important that you know about this to aid you're Vet in diagnosing the problem. This usually affects Teacup and Tiny Toy Breeds.
 Most of them out grow this danger by 6 months of age. However, it can happen to a tiny dog even as an adult and careful attention must be paid to the diet of any TINY TOY DOG
If you can't leave a young Teacup puppy alone for more than 4 hours at a time. They need more care. A teacup breed puppy isn't for someone who works away from home all day.

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