All dogs display  alpha behaviors such as 'humping'. Humping? Yes, humping which in the dog world, is a dominance behavior. Most fights will usually break out between 2 females because of the dominance struggle. Keep this in mind if you already have a female at home & are thinking of bringing another female into the picture.

Females are usually less distracted during training, and are more eager to get it over with, and get back to her comfy spot on the couch. They are less likely to wage a dominance battle with YOU, but she can be cunning and resourceful in getting her own way.

They are much more prone to mood swings. Upon their terms, she will come to you for attention when they want it, when she's had enough, she will move away. One day she may be sweet and affectionate-the next day reserved and withdrawn or even grumpy. The female also has periods of being 'in heat' unless she is spayed.

Seasonal heats can be a nightmare-not just for the female, but you and every male dog in the neighborhood. If you are not breeding, you'd be best off to have her spayed, since during this time she can leave a bloody discharge on carpets, couches, or anywhere she goes. She will be particularly moody and emotional during this time. A walk outside during this period can become hazardous if male dogs are in the vicinity, and she will leave a 'scent' for wandering intact males to follow right to your yard, where they will hang out, and 'wait' for days.


Males are usually more affectionate, exuberant, attentive, and more demanding of attention. They are very attached to their humans and are always waiting for your attention....and near at hand. They also tend to be more steadfast, reliable, and less moody.
They are more outgoing, more accepting of other pets, and bond quicker to children. Most males are easily motivated by food and praise, and so eager to please that training is much easier. However, males can be more easily distracted during training, as males like to play so often. No matter what age, males are more likely to act silly and more puppy-like, always wanting to play games. Males who are neutered early (by 4 months of age) usually don't ever raise their leg to urinate.  Before deciding on male or female, give consideration to any other dogs that  may be in or around your home.
A metal crate is needed for special training needs.
A deposit is a commitment to purchase a puppy of your choice. It is transferable but non refundable.

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