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Expecting Black/White Maltipoo puppies for sale soon!
   Sold Maltipoo puppies Below, are examples of what's to come.

Beautiful Black/white Parti Maltipoos are sold. 
We have sold two Maltipoo puppies to some homes.

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Dear Miss Mileen,
 We love our puppy!   He is better than we could have imagined.  The other dogs love him too and he is settling in and playing and eating well.   
Thank you so much! We have named him Dexter!  Please don't hesitate to have someone call me if you need a reference sometime. 
This is a photo with my husband.  He says that Dexter is the greatest gift he has EVER received!
 love to you all from Boston, 
Dear Miss Mileen,
Our puppy is doing great.  Here is his latest photo!   We just adore him and thank you so much for what you do and for making our lives (and many others) so happy!  He plays with our other dogs and eats well--he has such a personality.   He snuggles right with us in bed at night.  He snuggles on my husband's lap during the day when he is working (he has an office at home).  Just wanted you to see him.   He is a little over 5 pounds as of last week.
We love him so much!
best wishes to you,

Toy Apricot Parti Maltipoo puppy
SOLD to Grant Gardner,
 Jackson, Ms
maltipoo puppy
Rare Black Maltipoo puppy
Beautiful Maltipoo puppy
Just wanted you to know the Maltipoo I adopted from you is a little bundle of joy. 
 She will soon be one year old and she is a little character.  She loves and plays with her 
two other sister dogs and never, ever has a bad day.  She is a happy girl 25 hrs. a day!!!  We truly have enjoyed her soo much, she follows me everywhere and I do mean everywhere.  Healthy and happy as a lark.  Thank you soo much for this precious baby, our ROSE. 
Paula Thorpe/Mobile Al

You can view videos of the Maltipoo puppies for sale on You Tube
 We make pictures of our Maltipoo puppies at 6-8 weeks of age.
We have some exciting Breedings in store for the future.  Buy a Maltipoo puppy
from a Maltipoo puppy breeder and not from the classifieds or a puppy store. 
Remember this is a commitment for the next 15 years. The Maltipoo puppy
will be your closest friend, and next family member.


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Mississippi Maltipoo Breeder with Maltipoo Puppies for sale. 
Healthy,quality, beautiful home raised puppies are my top priorities.
Maltipoo puppy Breeders located in south central Mississippi.
Health records and written guarantee shipped with your Maltipoo puppy

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I own the parents to my Maltipoo puppies. 
Professional home raised Maltipoo puppies
Silver Creek, Mississippi
Poodle mix puppies for sale.
Maltipoo puppies, Maltipoo puppies for sale
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Look below for other poodle mix puppies for sale.
 We make pictures of our Maltipoo puppies at 6-8 weeks of age. 

Our Maltipoo puppies are home raised. We have had many repeat buyers. Maltipoo, Poodle mixed breed puppies  are a very special puppy, because Maltipoo puppies  are hypoallergenic, and non shedding. Not only this, Maltipoo puppies  have "Hybrid Vigor". This enhances the immune system, therefore the Poodle mix puppies, Maltipoo are more resistant to genetic health problems than a purebred puppy, therefore the Maltipoo  live longer and are healthier. Poodle mix puppies, Maltipoo puppies  are easier to train.  
Some people call the Maltipoo puppies,  Poodle mix puppies, Designer dogs, or Designer puppies. 
They are considered a Designer breed, Hybrid puppies. We breed only 50% Maltese, and 50% purebred dogs for our Maltipoo puppies, Our Maltipoo puppies are F1 first generation, from purebred dogs.

We have had people to drive to pick up their Toy Maltipoo puppies from Brookhaven, Mississippi, MS. 
Canton,  Brandon,  Jackson,  McComb,  Vicksburg  Meridian,  Waynesboro, New Orleans, Louisiana, LA. 
Baton Rouge,  Covington, Hammond,  Mandeville,  Lake St Charles,  Metairie, Slidell, Louisiana, LA
Atlanta, Georgia, GA.  Mobile, Alabama,  AL. Montgomery,  Tuscaloosa,  Birmingham,  Pensacola, Florida, 
 Ft Walton Beach, Memphis, Tennessee, TN. and surrounding areas.
We will drive one hour to meet people with puppies. This will save you 2 hours driving.

 We can't ship Maltipoo Puppies but we can meet at the Jackson International airport.

Videos and pictures of Maltipoo puppies for sale

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