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 Beautiful Healthy,Quality, Morkies 
are my top priorities.
Morkie Breeder located in
 South Mississippi.
Welcome to our World! With Morkie puppies, and Maltipoo puppies For Sale.
We Started out as Fancypoo4u.com
The purpose of this Morkie web site is to show you that we are True Morkie & 
Maltipoo Puppy Breeders. We are dedicated to the care of our dogs. 
We Started out with some of the most beautiful Champion line Maltese dogs. 
This fantastic breed really is exciting and fascinating. After my experience during all these years, I can state that the Morkies are the best bed bug.
Our Maltipoo and Morkie's come to you home raised 
and pre-spoiled with 24/7 hands on loving care. 

We Welcome you, our Puppy parents, to come to our home to pick up your puppy,
 Mississippi Breeders of Morkies, and Maltipoo puppies.
Your Welcome to Face book to see grown Morkies.
We are a Morkie Breeders with Home raised Morkie puppies, We are NOT a Morkie Network. NOT a Morkie puppy Broker or scammer.....You will just adore my Home Raised Morkies , and Maltipoo puppies. I am a stay at home Morkie Mom! 
I have been a Professional Dog breeder for thirty years, and my 
References speak for themselves. 
We welcome you to our home. Map me with Google Maps
Life is a gift. You don't get anywhere beating your competitors down. 
See our Gallery of Beautiful Morkie Pictures
More information on Morkie puppies
Don't call 1-800-1-866 1-888 Puppy mill hot lines
A true home breeder never does this.
Started out as
Mileen Coulter
Yorkie Breeder with Morkie puppies for sale.
Morkie Breeders that own the parents to our 
 Maltipoo and Morkie puppies for sale. 
AKC Compliance Report. 
Silver Creek, Mississippi
Yorkie mix / Poodle mix puppies for sale.
You are Welcome to come to my home to pick up your Morkie puppy for sale.
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About us
Email Fancypoo4u@aol.com
AKC Inspected January 27, 2011
 Morkie World was one of the first Morkie puppy web sites. Morkie World was created with you in mind. We are here to inform the puplic with more information on Morkies, and Maltipoo Puppies.
Morkie World just doesn't sell Puppies. We are professional Poodle, and Yorkie Breeders with 
 Home raised Morkie Puppies: They have such Loving personalities and give the sweetest little kisses.
That really makes my heart melt! This is just part of what a breeder does.

Morkies and Maltipoo puppies are utd. on shots and worming's, vet checked and completely spoiled. Morkie World has healthy puppies with a one year guarantee. Our Maltipoo and Morkie puppies have a head start on training. Morkie puppies are easily trained with few accidents the first week in your home.
Universal breeders weight chart

Watch your Maltipoo puppy grow
Sold Maltipoo puppies

Hypoglycemia    Puppies and Children

How often to feed your Puppy

House training your puppy

designer dog breeders with Morkies and Maltipoos.
Morkie puppies for sale in Mississippi and Louisiana.
Manager and Professional Dog Breeder
With designer breeds becoming more and more popular, it is no wonder that 
Yorkshire Terriers have become the crossbreed of choice when breeding for small dogs. Many designer breeds combine the best characteristics of both foundation breeds to create strong Morkies and Maltipoo puppies  that make wonderful pets for Children, and family companions.
We offer a 2 year limited guarantee
Our care starts with the mother before her Pups are born. She has been given NuVet Vitamins. After the puppies are born she continues receiving NuVet Vitamins. Making sure the puppies receive a healthy immune system . The puppies are then weaned with NuVet vitamins. We remove the dew claws  We worm every two weeks and proper shots are started when the puppy is 6-8  old and given up to the time they are presented to their new family. There is nothing more rewarding than the look on the face of a new puppy parent when they see their new furbaby for the first time.

Selling Cheap Morkie Puppies! It has been drawn to my attention that there are Morkie Breeders out there that are selling their Cheap Morkie Puppies that are sick to unsuspecting customers. 
A Cheap Morkie puppy can't be much of a bargain, if you have to stress over the care of your new Morke puppy. Morkie breeders are selling Cheap Teacup Morkies before they are really ready to go. Teacup Morkie puppies need to stay with the breeder at least 12 weeks of age.
Add the price of taking the Morkie puppy to your vet, and it won't be a much of a bargain.
A good Morkie breeder will take their time, and not push their Morkie puppies out the door 
before their Morkies are really ready to go to their forever home.

When people find this web site they are looking to buy, Designer puppies for sale, or Morkies, and Maltipoo puppies for sale. Not only will we will have Maltipoo and Morkie puppies for sale. We have  Videos of Morkie puppies playing and also a Morkie puppy training video. We also have pictures of Maltipoo puppies all grown up. Family pictures of families with their Maltipoo, and Yorkie mix puppies purchased from Morkie world. We are your Toy Breed puppy breeders, with Tiny Toy Morkie puppies for sale and Teacup and Tiny Toy Maltipoo Poodle mix puppies for sale. 
I started out as Fancypoo4u.com, raising Teacup, and Toy poodles. 
I know our potential puppy parents need to Trust, your breeder. 
I know what it is to raise Tiny Toy puppies and Teacup puppies. 
We have a Universal breeders weight chart. We weigh our Morkies and Maltipoo puppies, 
so you will know what size Morkie or Maltipoo puppy you will be buying. Besides the 
weight chart we go by the rule of the thumb. I'm not a fly-by-night breeder, or a Broker who 
doesn't know her puppies Pedigrees. We have studied our dogs lines for colors, and sizes in
 the Pedigrees. I always breed a smaller stud to a female for Morkies, and Maltipoo puppies.
This is why I can say we have some Tiny Toy, Teacup Morkie and Maltipoo puppies.for sale.

What you need to know about Purchasing a Morkie or Maltipoo Puppy: I require a deposit in the amount of $200.00, for a Toy breed Morkie or Maltipoo puppy. Teacup Morkies and Maltipoo puppies require $250. deposit which can be made by wire transfer from your bank to mine or you can priority mail a postal money order or Paypal the amount to my email address: The balance must be paid prior to the puppy being  shipped.
 The puppy will remain available for sale untill I receive a deposit. 
All deposits are non refundable. It is a commitment to buy a puppy of your choice.
Maltepoo Puppy Prices
(Maltese/Tea cup Toy Poodle cross) 
Males: $600
Females: $750-$1150
Available Colors:
Many colors to choose from -
Please call for availability 

Maltipoo breeders with Maltepoo puppies, Maltese-Poodle mix puppies for sale, 
We will drive one hour to meet people with puppies. This will save you 2 hours driving.
We have had people to drive to pick up their puppies in south from Brookhaven, MS. Jackson, Mississippi. McComb, MS. Vicksburg MS. Meridian MS. Gulfport, MS. Hattiesburg, MS. Ocean Springs, MS. Waynesboro, MS. Waveland Mississippi. 
We have many families drive up from Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Monroe Louisiana: and surrounding areas.

Health records and written guarantee come with your Morkie puppy

Find the perfect Morkie puppy at Morkie World.com.
Mississippi Morkie breeders, Morkie puppies for sale in Lousiana,
Yorkie mix puppies for sale in Mississippi
Mileen Coulter Designer puppy breeder in Mississippi with Designer puppies for sale.

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