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The Yorkshire Terrier Breed

Originally developed to help control the rat population in mid-19th century industrial Britain, the Yorkshire Terrier hails from an area in Northern England after which the breed was named. Yorkshire Terriers of the time weighed around 15 pounds, and were featured participants in rat-killing contests - a rather unsavory pastime of the age. Today's Yorkie is a much smaller, daintier and more glamorous creature, seemingly put on Earth to be pampered! 

 Although the exact details are not known, it is thought that the Yorkie of Old was cross-bred with other terrier breeds as well as the Maltese (from which the Yorkshire Terrier inherited it's long, silky coat) to produce the modern, more compact version. 

The Yorkie is the most popular toy dog breed in Britain, and is also very popular in North America and world-wide.  Yorkie puppies are born with an almost black coat, which 
lightens and changes to silvery blue with tan head and legs by the first year of life.

Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent (almost human at times!), playful, loyal and affectionate. Yorkies make wonderful pets for singles, couples, elderly and disabled people who are at home much of the time

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The Maltese Breed

The Maltese dog is affectionate, intelligent and sturdy, and loves to romp and play - especially with children. This tiny breed measures up to 10 inches at the shoulder and weighs up to seven pounds maximum. The Maltese dog has a gorgeous, long, pure-white, silky coat that hangs straight to the ground from a center part running from nose to tip of tail. It's expressive dark eyes and dark nose, lips and eye rims enhance the Maltese dog's exquisite face. Grooming requirements for the Maltese are fairly intensive - the coat needs daily brushing to stay tangle-free and frequent bathing to keep it sparkling white, even if you choose to give it a shorter 'pet' trim. The Maltese dog is a great choice for elderly or disabled people, since it's exercise needs are minimal. A wonderful choice for apartment dwellers too! 

Maltese Dog Breed History: 
The Maltese dog is believed to be the oldest European Toy breed. Art objects dating 
back 3,000 years bear likenesses of the dainty little dogs. The Maltese dog was 
described in writings of 200 BC under the Latin name of Canis Melitaeus, which may 
refer to the island of Malta or to the Sicilian town of Melita. From early times, the Maltese dog breed appears to have been known and admired throughout Europe and often 
had its portrait painted as 
it lounged on the laps of aristocratic ladies. It was also well known in Britain at the time 
of Elizabeth I (1558-1603). Some historians claim the Maltese dog breed was brought by Roman invaders while others theorize returning Crusaders brought the small charmers back as gifts for their ladies. 

It is also important to be aware; not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is very common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses. While a simple F1 generation cross is said to produce the most hybrid vigor in the dog and the further down the multi-generation chain, the more vigor is lost in the hybrid.
What is a Morkie puppy? A Morkie is a Designer Dog, Terrier mix, Maltese Yorkie mix puppies for sale
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What is a Morkie Puppy?
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Grown Morkie puppy

Morkie World
Grown Morkie puppy
What is a Morkie
What is a Morkie?? A Morkie is not a Purebred dog.

A Morkie is a Maltese/Yorkie, mixed Breed Puppy.
Morkie World has a lot of information that applies to all Toy Breed dogs. 
A Morkie is 1/2 Maltese and 1/2 Yorkie

I love the Morkie puppies so much. They are so smart. Morkies are fantastic pets.You get a hardier & sweeter natured puppy when you cross them. Because evolution has for millions of 
years selected for perfection of performance most changes or mutations are less effective than 
the original gene copy. The chance of having an abnormal copy, or mutation, of any one 
particular gene is low, but because we have so many genes we all carry some harmful genes. These genes are usually hidden because we have one good copy of the gene to carry us 
through and this gene produces a normal protein which can perform the tasks required. When we have two different copies of a gene we are said to be HETEROZYGOUS for that gene and
 if one gene copy is hidden by the other, the hidden copy is said to be RECESSIVE.
The hair also tends to be really soft like the Maltese, but with more of the 
Yorkies colors. Morkies don't Shed. They usually change their colors like the 
Yorkies do as they get older, they just get prettier & prettier. Most of the time the ears
 stay up, like a Yorkie, but sometimes stay down like a Maltese. I do not dock the tails.
The tails are part of their beauty. The Yorkie Was Created By blending several larger 
Terrier breeds together & then breeding the Maltese to make them the tiny size they are today. 
The color of the Morkie can change just like the Yorkie dogs changes.
Here are pictures of grown Morkie puppoes I sold and how their colors have changed.