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Special Instructions for Teacup and Toy breed puppy care. 

This is for your protection as well as your puppy
You will need to make sure that your puppy receives plenty of rest. Do not let him 
over exert himself for the first two weeks. Minimize their activity level so that their 
blood sugar levels do not drop. Puppies are easily stressed by excessive holding. 
You should limit holding the puppy to 30 minutes per hour unless he is sleeping on 
your lap. 

Your puppy has not developed it's immune system. When taking your new
baby to the vet, keep it in a cage, carrier, until the vet looks at it. There are also
sick puppies at the vet office. You wouldn't want someone to pet your puppy
if they had just petted a sick puppy before petting your puppy.
I found the need to stress how important it is to Not take your puppy
out in a RV, public park, or a beach until your puppy is 1 year old.

Hypoglycemia care and warning signs are on a special page. 
Puppy playpens or play yards are best to house a toy breed puppy. 
They can see their surroundings and not feel lonely. 
Dog Food and Nutrition-Feeding instructions:

New change of surroundings may change your Morkie puppies eating habits. 
Be sure to put your puppies dish in the same spot and leave it down for 3-5 days 
after you get it home. There are two basic forms that are most commonly 
used in puppy feeding: free feeding and scheduled feeding. 
Free feeding is when the owners leave dry food out for the pup all day long 
so the puppy can eat whenever he or she pleases. The very tiny puppies need to 
eat, (nibble) food often, to keep up the blood sugar level

When to feed your Morkie puppy
 Scheduled feeding involves placing a food bowl out for your Morkie puppy and then take
 it away after a period of time, which is usually for 30 min. For the puppy stage most 
Morkie breeders recommend the scheduled feedings. This is an easy way to allow your 
Morkie puppy frequent smaller meals which will help to control how often your 
Morkie puppy will need to go outside for bathroom use. 

Be sure to read Hypoglycemia care. Your new puppy should eat
at least 3 times a day. There are special foods you may feed your new puppy 
if you notice that he isn't eating like you think he ought to eat: 

Hypoglycemia can be prevented.
Cottage cheese, Brookshire ice cream, small pieces of cheese for treats,
helps to store fat. Don't feed treats. This is a complete change of diet. 
Type of foods fed can vary depending on the puppy. 
These will be given to you before you receive your new baby. 

1: This is the food I use for my puppies 
What you will need: I feed my babies Diamond puppy food.
This can be bought at the store or ordered on line at Tractor Supply.

2: Graco pack & play playpen or play yard or and an Exercise yard.
Can be Bought here
another good Playpen
great trainer!!

3: WeeWee pads or newspaper ( I use newspaper) 

4: Small fleece pad for Bed to sleep in.

5: Child safe toys, Crib teething toys
that are washable for your puppy to chew on.

5: Shallow food and water bowls 

7: A Berber Teddybear for cuddling, and a Chewy toy.

Morkies and Children

A Baby Playpen is an excellent way to introduce small children to a new puppy. 
It gives the puppy a safe haven, while the children are taught to touch and feel 
with your supervision. Place the play pen in a highly visible area of your home. 
Leaving a television or radio playing softly when you are not home
 with him will help him not feel lonely. This reduces stress during the 
1 st week after arrival. On one end of the playpen, place the weewee 
pad or newspaper, on the other end place his little bed, blanket, and his toys. 
Place his food and water bowls near his bed. 
The idea is to get him to go to the other end of the playpen to do his business 
on the wee wee pad or newspaper. You can start crate training him when
 he gets a little older.These puppies have very small bladders and in my opinion
 Crate training is not an option with these little babies until their bladder is larger.
 They also feel very alone and closed off in a crate. 

Place the Play pen away from an out side door, so they won't get cold drafts. 
It's best on a far wall or in another room where there is no outside door at all. 
This is the best place to keep your baby until he is through with his shots. 
You may have visitors coming in and may have small children with them. 
Your baby will be well protected in this play pen. You will be able to fold it up 
and take it with you to relatives homes if you wish, or either have 
one in your office at work.

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Warning!! Alert!!! It isn't cute to see a 5 lb dog walk down stairs!
Do Not! encourage your tiny toy breed puppy to walk down stairs!!
Stairs are not, meant for a toy breed puppy. Repetitive climbing of stars can cause
Hip dysplasia. What is cute now can be painful when your puppy is older
A Doggie gate should be placed at the top of the stairs or the bottom of the stairs.
Some people put a board on the side of the steps for their toy breed puppies to walk on.

Potty training Your Morkie puppy
Learn to read your Morkie's body language, and you'll soon be able to tell when it needs to go 
outside. Morkies will get restless, pace or walk in circles, and start to sniff around for a spot to potty. 
When you see these behaviors, immediately take the puppy outside to the correct spot.
Never punish your Morkie puppy for an accident by shoving its nose in the mess and yelling or 
spanking it. The puppy won't understand why you're angry, and Morkies are small so you 
can easily injure them through physical punishment. Also, the Yorkshire Terrier side of your 
Morkie might cause it to get aggressive if you hit it. It's much more effective to concentrate 
on positive reinforcement rather than punishment.

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Hypoglycemia    Morkies and Children

How often to feed your Morkie

House training your Morkie puppy

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Taking care of your little Morkie or Maltipoo puppy

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more information on the Morkie breed than most Morkie web sites do.

It isn't advisable to leave a Teacup puppy alone all day. They need more care.
A teacup breed puppy isn't for someone who works all day. It would be better
to take off from work if it can be scheduled for the first 2 weeks.
Then it would be advisable to come home at lunch and check on your puppy.
Most all Teacup puppies shouldn't be left alone for more than 4 hours at a time.